​The Fanfare of Nature Impassions My Life...

my story

​​All my life I have been intrigued by nature, in particular, animals. My amazement with nature intensified as I observed wondrous patterns beneath wondrous patterns, and an inspiring under girding unity. My art became the means for me to express my fascination with these life patterns. These patterns encompass a pageantry I never tire of pondering.

At first it was enough to express these patterns on a restfully posed animal sculpture. Soon, nothing less than a dynamic gesture would do, and dance became the ideal expression.  I study the natural animal and consider "What dance would this animal do?".  I answer this question with a simple sketch and begin building the actual sculpture from this.  I like the challenge of interpreting the animal's natural body covering in a decorative manner that synchs with the energy of their pose.

In recent years my awareness grew that each sculpture was but a freeze frame of a much larger song and dance within me. I relocated from my native Washington, D.C. to New York City to expand my knowledge of animation, music, singing, dance and performance.  The next phase of my work involves using these elements to create a complete performance for each sculpture. After six years, I felt the call to Nature, left NYC and relocated to the Catskills of Upstate New York. 
I consider myself a sophisticated instinctual artist, as I feel my art has always been primarily born of my gut and instincts and not nurtured much by formal art education. As an undiagnosed dyslexic, I had my share of trouble in school. The fanfare of nature impassions my life; each creation is but one peek into the circus of my experience.